Deadlands 2012

Session 1

In the beginning...

December 1875
At the start of the adventure, Kissin’ Kate O’Neil was on her way to California when she stumbled upon a wagon in distress. Another young fellow named Doc Brown happened upon the wagon as well and they successfully routed the bandits, saving the life of one Irving Backlund. A injun was there too, and he slit many throats.

Irving offered them $100 to see him safely back to Denver with the loss of his guards. After some shrewd bargaining he agreed to pay them $135 each. The injun was little help and tried to steal one of Kate’s pistols.

On the way, Irving confided to Doc that his only son, Christopher, was possibly being held under the sway of a cult in the small town of Derry’s Ford. The cult, known as the Church of the Holy Flame, had caused Christopher to run off in the night and abandon his father. Irving offered $500 to bring Christopher back or $250 to bring solid evidence that Christopher is there of his own free will.

While on the way to Denver, the posse had run in with the vicious Black Creek Indians. Kissin’ Kate gunned down their war chief while Doc Brown held his own against the barbarian horde. The injun again was little help, sniping from a concealed position in a most cowardly fashion.

December 18, 1875
Once they arrived safely in Denver they were paid promptly while Mr. Backlund went to attend to his mining business. Doc and Kate took in the sights of Denver while the injun promptly went to buy firewater and start a fight. The injun got drunk and was tossed into the jail to sleep it off. When he awoke and paid his fine, he was released but taunted and teased by the jailers. He flew into a rage and nearly killed two of them with his bare hands before he was gunned down by the third. The event shocked the town and set back White/American Indian relations in the region at least 50 years. Good Job.

December 19, 1875
Doc and Kate decided to see about Christopher and set off for Derry’s Ford. Once there, they met a bright young reporter called Errie Lockhart. Errie told them wild rumors about the Church of the Holy Flame and offered to compensate them if they would help in his investigation. They tried talking to the drunken priest, but he was little help. Seems he took to drink once the Church showed up near town, and hasn’t crawled out of the bottle since.

Dec 23, 1875
They reprovisioned and headed to the compound an hour after dusk. While sneaking over the fence to get a closer look, they were noticed by a guard and beset upon. The gunfire rose the congregation who surrounded them and tied them up.

Who knows what awful terror awaits our heroes? Tune in next week for more TALES OF INTEREST!


A dark time for our not-so-merry-anymore band.

Session 1
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