Deadlands 2012

Session 4

The Trail Leads South!

January 1, 1876
As Kate went through the effects of the cowpokes slain on the church steps, Doc and Monty talked to with the last unfortunate soul who had survived. Monty and Doc grilled him over his dealings with DuChamp, he broke like a cheap mexican pitcher. He spilled the beans about how he and a few of his friends led by their friend Jim (God rest his soul, laying on the church steps dead-as-a-doornail), had met up with DuChamp only three days ago in Colorado Springs. DuChamp had needed help guarding a shipment heading south soon, but first he wanted help bringing some items down from a town east of Denver called Derry’s Ford. They’d been on hard times in recent years, what with the buffalo hunting trade near dryin’ up, so they readily accepted DuChamp’s ten dollar advance with no questions.

They’d rode hard for three days and when they came up towards the compound, DuChamp said something was up and sent them ahead to check out the church. That was when they’d come in the door and Doc, Kate and Errie had mowed them down and then raced after DuChamp. He explained he was the lucky one, only getting two shots in his leg and nearly being crippled for it. He’d hoofed it, but collapsed. When it became clear he didn’t know much about DuChamp’s plans short of Derry’s Ford, Kate put a bullet in his head and called it good. With the cowpokes and DuChamp dispatched, they saw to the now deceased mayor of the poor town of Derry’s Ford and gave him a proper burial.

They then rode south towards Colorado Springs cross country, with Monty blazin’ the trail. Monty had them cutting time off their route, but strayed a little too far into Injun territory. The Black Creek tracked them down and set upon them early one morning while Monty slept and Kate and Doc stood watch, getting ready to set out for the day. The coffee hadn’t even been on, when the savages came a whooping and yelling. They popped up out of the high grass and charged. The odds were greater than three to one, but Doc’s and Kate’s six gun’s blazed and several of the warriors fell dead on the first charge. Monty was caught unaware by one of the war chiefs, and beset upon early. Monty managed to come away with only a few scrapes from his exchange with the chief, as Kate put a bullet between his eyes quicker than he could spit. With their chief dead and they’re strongest warriors downed, the war party retreated.

The posse saddled up quick and lit out before the injuns could regroup. With some shrewd doublin’ back led by Monty, they evaded another encounter with the Black Creek and made it to Colorado Springs with no more trouble.

Once in Colorado Springs, Doc spent some of his hard earned cash and sent a wire off to Smith and Robard’s to order a new telescopic sight for his rifle. Monty and Kate called on the clerk at the ticket window looking for the package for DuChamp. With a small bribe of ten dollars, the clerk let on that a ravishing woman had picked up the package and had gone south on the train just yesterday. They inquired about the next train south and bought passage for the next evening.

Doc came back with good news! Turns out Smith and Robards had the model he wanted in stock and would be sending it out overnight by air mail on one of their airships. They’d said to look for it in midday on the north edge of town. Sure as shit, there it came the next day, sailing out of the sky on a bright white cloud of bleached cotton. It hit the ground with a clunk and by midday Doc had it sighted in and could bullseye a vulture easy from a hundred paces.

With some new digs and some fresh supplies, they got ready for the 7:15 to Roswell, New Mexico. Hopefully soon they could catch up with that witch and put her six feet under for good.


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