• "Doc" Emmit Brown

    "Doc" Emmit Brown

    An honest sawbones with a penchant for gunfightin' and gamblin'.
  • Kissin' Kate O'Neil

    Kissin' Kate O'Neil

    A crack shot with a stubborn temperament and a itchy trigger finger.
  • Monty


    A grizzled old hermit with the stature of a bear and a heart of gold.
  • Charlie Jackson

    Charlie Jackson

    A dandy card sharp with a ton of luck up one sleeve and a six shooter up the other.
  • Cynthia Carstairs

    Cynthia Carstairs

    An evil enchantress who seemingly possesses eldritch power beyond imagination.
  • Eddie Boxer

    Eddie Boxer

    A grizzled traveler with a dark past and a darker future.
  • Edgar DuChamp *Deceased*

    Edgar DuChamp *Deceased*

    A middle aged man of stoic temperament with a lightning fast draw and deadeye.
  • Edwin Black

    Edwin Black

    Now sole proprietor of Black and associates, formerly Brown and Black of St. Louis.
  • Errie Lockheart *Deceased*

    Errie Lockheart *Deceased*

    A fast talking muckraker with a handsome face and a devilish grin.
  • Father Owlsley *Deceased*

    Father Owlsley *Deceased*

    The quiet priest of Derry's Ford who found solace in the bottom of a bottle, and for good reason.
  • Irving Backlund

    Irving Backlund

    A shrewd businessman, currently grief stricken and distressed.
  • Khan *Deceased*

    Khan *Deceased*

    A muscular Apache indian with a sour temperament and a chip on his shoulder.
  • Mina Devlin

    Mina Devlin

    The owner of the Black River railroad company.
  • The Prospector

    The Prospector

    An old man with a low raspy voice, a gray beard, dirty clothes, a pickaxe and a lantern.